You're In – Welcome to the Breathe Into Breakthrough Summit!

Welcome – I'm sooo glad you'll be joining us for this special event.

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VIP Breakthrough Package

Only $47 (thru October 21st)


Mark your calendar:  Our LIVE event is on Friday, October 22nd & Saturday, October 23rd. Watch your emails for log-in details and the exact schedule.


Check Your In Box: Make sure you received the registration confirmation from me ( I'll be sending emails regularly with updates, log-in instructions, etc and you don't want to miss a thing!


Check The Speaker Line Up:  Get your questions ready. Our sessions will be LIVE and that means you can ask questions LIVE – this is a rare opportunity to learn from EXPERTS who are amazing in their field. CLICK HERE to view the schedule.


Tell Your Friends and Colleagues:  This is a unique event that they won't want to miss. Help each other manage stress and emotions by learning together and then leveraging the info together. Make it fun – set up a “watch party” – learning is more fun with friends!


Check Out The VIP Breakthrough Package:  The event is FREE to attend live…yet I know it's hard to clear two days.  More importantly this info is SO valuable, you'll want to listen over and over. I've put together an amazing package worth over $500 (but for a fraction of the price). Details are below.

VIP Breakthrough Package

Only $47 (thru October 21st)

Own the Breathe Into Breakthrough event VIP Breakthrough Package. If you’re like me, you’ll want to go back through these interviews to extract every bit of wisdom from them. Wouldn’t it be great to review the information while you're implementing it? Your time is valuable and this package is designed to help you generate REAL results, right away. If these strategies help you secure just ONE new client, the investment will pay for itself multiple times. Order now and you'll get the interviews PLUS amazing bonuses.

VIP Breakthrough Package Includes:

  • Downloadable MP4 video and MP3 audio recordings of all the interviews so you can listen and watch at your own convenience (whether you missed a certain speaker or know you’ll want to access a specific topic at a later date). ($180 VALUE)

  • Breathe into Breakthrough: A Fresh Approach to Building Focus, Positivity and Resilience – Elizabeth's new book AND workbook. Based on Elizabeth’s highly successful professional development program, learn to self-assess, manage, and moderate your stress response as the foundation for achieving your potential. [Kindle version or downloadable PDF] ($20 VALUE)

  • Breathe into Breakthrough 10-day Challenge AND Workbook: 10 minutes a day to building your everyday breathwork and stress management routine. Downloadable MP4 video and MP3 audio recordings so you can begin your program anytime, and rewatch as needed for building your own routine. Includes a workbook with detailed explanations and descriptions of 13 of Elizabeth's favorite breathing exercises with space for note-taking and instructions for developing your own daily practice. ($97 VALUE)

  • The Happy Planet Diet – Plant-based Diet on A Budget: With 100+ Deliciously Easy Recipes You’ll Fall in Love With. A Wellness Guide and Cookbook by Elizabeth Borelli. Whether you do it for the health benefits, the environmental impact, because you love furry four-leggeds or all of the above, when you use the right recipes and ingredients, you’ll never miss the meat. This book invites you to start where you’re at as you continue to discover the upside of happy planet eating. [Kindle or Downloadable PDF version] ($15 VALUE)

  • Private Saboteur Breakthrough Coaching Session with Elizabeth Borelli. How are your hidden beliefs holding you back? Use a proven methodology to uncover your go-to defense patterns, aka subconsicous Saboteurs. Following the prework, we’ll review your Saboteur Assessment and discuss how each of us unknowingly sabotages our success. You’ll leave with solid strategies for putting your best self back in the driver’s seat and staying on track with your goals. [Limited to 17 people] ($200 VALUE)

Only $47 (thru October 21st)