Join us for a special REPLAY weekend
On Saturday, October 30 & Sunday, October 31

Now more than ever, uncertainty and disruption have ramped up anxiety levels both at home and at work. As we move through our days, the stress keeps adding up as we live in high alert mode, triggering the feelings that keep us stuck in a perpetual cycle.

Until you learn to regulate your focus, your thoughts and emotions, you’ll be pulled into each new distraction OR stuck on rewind, unable to stop thinking about the worry or regret responsible for keeping you there. Either way you’re stuck.

The Breathe Into Breakthrough Summit is all about teaching you to manage the stress and emotions that seem out of reach. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! In time you’ll gain awareness of hidden beliefs and limiting thought patterns.

When you learn to manage your mindset, everything falls into place. You gain the ability to focus at work, improved resiliency in the face of uncertainty, and tackle your employment goals with renewed vigor and ambition when anxiety no longer has the power to hold you back.

This is a free, LIVE, virtual event – join from the privacy of your home office, in your comfy clothes. Stay for both days, or just a few sessions – whatever works for you. And because it’s LIVE, you’ll be able to ask questions of each expert. You’ll walk away with actionable strategies you can start using immediately.

You will learn:

  • Tools for building the foundation for breakthrough change
  • Five-minute methods for improving sleep, focus and concentration
  • Proven techniques for building mental fitness, your ability to train your attention
  • Easy exercises for regulating energy and emotions, anytime, anywhere
  • In the moment stress reduction practices – stopping a trigger before you get caught up in it
  • How to focus during times of stress – strategies for staying on track with your priorities
  • Breathwork basics from leading practitioners
  • Ways to optimize physical and mental performance
  • Strategies for building resilience during change and uncertainty

Featured Speakers

Patrick McKeown

Atomic Focus: Harness the True Power of Your Brain

Kacey Cardin

EnQ, Energetic Intelligence: Where the Woo-woo Meets the To-do

Dan Brule

Tapping the Transformational Power of the Breath

James Gordon

Transforming Trauma: The Path to Hope and Healing

Tracey Adams

Stepping Into Your Power With Emotional Intelligence

Bruce Cryer

The Heart, the Breath and Your Creative Power

Kelly Blaser

Expanding Life Through Training the Mind to Receive the Breath

Rita Rivera

The Alexander Technique & Breathing

John Fenton

The #1 Devastating Mistake Most Business Leaders Make Every Day That Hurts Their Bottom Line

Your Host - Elizabeth Borelli, PCC, RYT® 200

Stress-reduction Tools for Staying Focused When Uncertainty is The New Normal

Elizabeth Borelli combines her years of experience in ICF-accredited executive and leadership coaching, and RYT® 200 training into a unique mind-body approach to personal growth and professional development. She combines mind-body stress reduction practices with coaching tools for developing the confidence, focus and resilience you need to break through the thought traps of not-enoughness.

Clients are motivated to see beyond their limiting beliefs and use the strategic roadmap we co-create as they move through a proven process gleaned from coaching hundreds of mid-career professionals through successful transition.

Elizabeth supplements her coaching programs with a daily program proven to help you to gain focus and clarity, quiet the voices of self-doubt, build confidence, take action and stay accountable. In short, to navigate lasting change using proven mind-body practices that augment proven behavior change best practices.

Her popular Breathe Into Breakthrough workshops are a great way to learn breath-based stress reduction practices in just 10 days, 10 minutes a day, no yoga pants required! 

Elizabeth enjoys hiking in the great outdoors of the in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, where she lives and plays with her two teenaged girls. She stays passionate about her work by maintaining a dedicated breathwork practice.