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Thursday, August 26 & Friday, August 27

Would you like to work less, play more AND make more money at the same time? The secret to abundance lies in allowing yourself to follow what feels fun and easy for you to do. Getting into the energy of wealth feels like fun, joy, passion, adventure and then allowing the steady stream of abundance to flow into your experience.

This is how I like to live my life and I have chosen a select group of experts to help you learn how you can live a life of absolute abundance too.

This is a free, LIVE, virtual event – join from the privacy of your home office, in your comfy clothes. Stay for both days, or just a few sessions – whatever works for you. And because it’s LIVE, you’ll be able to ask questions of each expert. You’ll walk away with a trust in knowing that what’s yours will never pass you by.

You will learn:

  • How getting into the energy of play can open you up to more abundance
  • The feminine blueprint model, which will help you to understand how we can manifest at rest
  • How to relax and trust that what’s yours will never pass you by
  • How our sub-personalities can show up to either sabotage or support us on our road to abundance
  • How the 12 stages of healing impact our abundance journey
  • How to leverage the power of the Universe by co-creating with Spirit
  • How understanding our individual archetypes and soul money languages can determine the ease at which we allow abundance

Featured Speakers

Michelle Villalobos

Awaken Your Inner Superstar: How To Activate Abundance Through Aligned Leadership

Lindsay Dam

Align With Success

Jennifer Urezzio

The Divine As A Resource of Abundance

Dr. Nanilea Diamond

Feminine Leadership & Redefining Abundance

Monica Reyes

Stop Playing Small: How Your Sub-personalities May Be Holding You Back

Dr. Aaron Wilkerson

The Aligned Life - Experiencing Joy In All You Do

Kelly Dawn

Aligning With Your Inner Rich Witch

Abundance Panel

Nazie Spurrier

Jude Anderson

Kierra Jones

Your Host – Julie Goetzinger

Hi there. I’m Julie.

I’m a crystal loving, spirit-seeking, single mama of two, and have just recently stepped into the fullest version of who I am.

I was taught from an early age that being “easy-going,” and therefore making life easier for everyone else, was worth more than how I felt. I learned that pleasing others was the way to earn their love. Until I discovered that it wasn’t… I was left feeling angry and abandoned but once I realized that it had all been my choice, I took my power back. I stepped out on my own and have decided to live my life on my own terms now. Today I am a single woman who is financially independent, completely satisfied and fulfilled within myself and I want to show other women that they can do the same.

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